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THE ELECTRIC EEL rigs your jungle with the best electrical equipment that includes services such as custom electrical panels or accessories such as cable, connectors or timers

electrico ilustracion
  • Custom design and manufacture according to customer specifications according to REBT RD 842/2002
  • High quality components from Scheneider and Phoenix Contact


aparamenta the jungle

Electrical switchgear

Magnetotherms, Differential usw

protector sobretension ilustracion

Surge Protector

distribuidores electricos the jungle

Electrical Distributors

envolventes electricos the jungle

Electrical Enclosures

Panels or IP Boxes

programador ilustracion


Digital and analog time programmers, plug & play and DIN rail

contactores the jungle


conectores the jungle


Rapids (wagos), Clamps, Standard (schuko) y Waterproof (stucchi)

cables the jungle ilustracion


Unipolar cables and Hoses

terminales ilustracion


DIN rail and toecaps

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